By Thomas Franche-Nolan, MMKG candidate, Schulich GradBlog Contributor

Before experiencing the rigor of the MMKG program, here are a some points to keep in mind. These tips and strategies will help you to manage your MMKG journey successfully from the start.

1. The Career Development Centre (CDC) is an excellent professional resource to leverage

The career advisors at the CDC work hard so that you can present the best version of your professional self to the marketplace, that is if you decide to book regular appointments. From my experience, the folks at the CDC have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building a clear and concise resume or a thought-provoking cover letter. Taking full advantage of the resources at the CDC will help jumpstart your professional ambitions while enrolled in the MMKG program.


2. The program has its very own magazine, and it’s called the Future of Marketing

I would recommend reading up on the latest news and developments about marketing to get a head start, and the Future of Marketing Magazine is an excellent source. Best of all, the managing editors of the magazine are students, MMKG students! Managing editors curate content into the magazine which demands a passion for everything new in the field of marketing. You can find the link of the magazine here.


3. Develop your skills in both Excel & PowerPoint

Personally, before the program started, my proficiency in Excel was at best questionable. However, I quickly got up to speed due to the nature of the projects assigned to our class. In hindsight, I would have loved to spend some time learning the fundamentals of each platform before fall classes started. Proficiency in both Excel and PowerPoint coming into the program will help you save time in the long run.


4. Reach out to students currently enrolled in the program

If you can’t wait to hear about the fantastic experience of being an MMKG student, you might want to reach out to those currently enrolled in the program. Students may provide insights on the companies who visit the Schulich School of Business for recruitment purposes, how to prepare for the mandatory courses in the program, or about how they landed a marketing job.


5. Work with as many classmates as you can

In our current MMKG class, some people have worked in recruitment, banking, oil & gas, and many other industries. Finding group members from a wide range of professional or even academic backgrounds leads to a team with a variety of skill sets and a better output. Also, from my experience, working with different classmates challenges you to adjust to different group dynamics and helps you develop relationship building and project management skills.