Hello I/MBAs:

With the first day of classes around the corner (September 9!) you’re probably eager to begin assembling your course materials.

These may include textbooks, course kits, software, and/or other materials that your instructor has deemed necessary for successful completion of the course.

Course materials are specified by instructor, by section. To confirm required course materials, please consult one of these two sources:

  1. York University Bookstore listing – visit www.bookstore.yorku.ca and select the Textbooks link. Print your course list to identify required textbooks and/or other materials. Tip: for Schulich courses, the course listing begins with “SB.”
  2. Course Outline – uploaded by Schulich faculty to the course offerings website. You will require your Passport York account credentials to log in. To view the course outline specific to your course section, select the course code from the course list.

Note that the upload time for course outlines will vary. Faculty are encouraged to upload their outlines in advance of the beginning of term. If your course section does not appear in the YorkU Bookstore online course list, then the instructor has not provided the list of required materials yet.

Course Reserves: Print and Electronic Reserves

To find out what has been placed on reserve by your instructor or to search by course number  go the library homepage and enter the instructor’s name or course code in the Search Library Resources box. Change the drop-down to read Course Reserves:

Instructors will often make some or all of their course kit contents available electronically via course reserves in lieu of a mandatory, printed course kit purchase.


Canvas is a Learning Management System (LMS) used by your instructors as a collaborative online environment for course management and sharing course materials. You’ll receive access to your courses on Canvas via your MySchulich Student portal. If you are having trouble accessing your courses or the student portal, please contact the IT Helpdesk at ithelp@schulich.yorku.ca.

Check out the Canvas Student Tour and Training Videos.

Download the Canvas mobile app via the App Store or Google Play to access course materials on your phone.

We hope this helps you get a jump start on assembling your course materials for Fall Term!