Start of Term #ProTips: Course Waitlists

The Fall 2019 waitlist is being assessed daily until Friday, September 13.

What’s Next?

  • September 13 is the last day to add most Fall courses without instructor permission.
  • From September 14-27, students may enrol by instructor permission only.

What does that mean, exactly?

It means that as of September 14, you need to approach instructors for special permission to enrol in their classes. If they agree, you’ll need to submit this Enrol With Instructor Permission form* to Student & Enrolment Services (completed by you and signed by the course instructor) in order to enrol. Please note that instructors are not required to give permission, regardless of whether space exists in their course.

*The Enrol With Instructor Permission form is located in the Graduate Academic Forms database on your MySchulich student portal.

What if my name was on the Wait List?

The Wait List is cleared after the final day of assessment. If you were unsuccessful in scoring a spot in your class, you still need to submit an Enrol With Instructor Permission form to be admitted.

What if the instructor doesn’t grant me permission?

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have an appropriate course load, as permission from either the wait list or the instructor is not guaranteed.

  • If the instructor will not sign a permission form, you must ensure you are enrolled in a full course load.
  • If, while enrolling, you receive a message that “spaces in this course are reserved,” this means the course you chose is full and you must enrol in another course.

Okay, but what if the instructor has already given me verbal permission?

You still have to honour the waitList period, since instructor permission does not override the waitlist. Get your Enrol With Instructor Permission form ready, and you can hand it in after September 13.

What else should I know?

  • Pre-requisite checks are being completed. If you do not have the necessary pre-requisites, you’ll be notified and de-enrolled from courses, unless the instructor granted you permission to waive a pre-requisite (via the Enrol With Instructor Permission form). Please adjust your schedule immediately if you have enrolled in a course without completing a pre-requisite or a waiver by the instructor.
  • Attendance reminder: Students who do not attend classes run the risk of being de-enrolled at the instructor’s request. Please contact instructors in advance regarding unexpected absences.

Wishing you success in your new Fall Term schedule! 

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