As students search for their internship or post-degree jobs, it is important to remember that job-seeking students must learn how to tell their story.  To get to know you, professional contacts ask questions like “tell me about yourself” or “why should I hire you?” or “tell me about a time when . . . “ or “why did you go to business school?” or “what is your number one strength or weakness?” or “why did you  . . . ?”  If your story is clear, you can use it to answer all of these questions.

Whether you need to identify your story from scratch or strengthen a story you already have, consider using one or more of the 12 possible triggers suggested in a new Beyond B-School video titled “How to Tell Your Story in Your LinkedIn Summary.” As the presenter, Kate Paine, says, a compelling personal story is a powerful asset you use to build your “know, like, trust factor,” not only in your LinkedIn Summary, but in any setting when you are establishing strategic business connections.

To help students write their stories, Kate suggests giving them the list below of 12 Ways to Identify Your Story: