How do you summarize the crazy, chaotic, jam-packed, rewarding, challenging experience that is the MBA?

It’s no easy task.

Nonetheless, when asked, 2017 MBA candidate Alexander MacLeod did a pretty great job.  Below, he shares the thoughtful way that he characterizes the experience of completing the Accelerated MBA.

What three words would you use?

My MBA in Three Words: Enlightening. Disciplinary. Fun

by Alexander MacLeod
2017 Accelerated MBA, Marketing specialization

Enlightening. Disciplinary. Fun.

I’ll put some context behind these words to help you understand what I mean!

Enlightening: For those of us who have been working within the same four walls for the last several years, we often get locked into our routine and stop asking critical questions. Well, my experience has taught me to never stop asking these questions. Don’t settle for a process because, “that’s just the way we do it.” If you have a better way, implement it. If you want to explore a new idea that might be unprecedented to your firm, do it. We live in a world that does not lend itself to inefficiencies. As such, we are on a constant journey to find new ways to accomplish our goals which requires continuous improvement. In my MBA, being surrounded by so many intelligent and ambitious individuals has reminded me that the status quo isn’t mandatory.

Disciplinary: Having to manage a busy professional life along with an academic and personal life has proven to be a challenge, but one that has come with meaningful learning opportunities. During my MBA I was forced to better manage my time; to discipline myself to spend my evenings and weekends in such a way as to ensure I was able to meet all of the expectations of my life during this period. While I was used to time management in the office, I never had the need to implement this outside of work until my MBA. In doing so, I was able to accomplish so much more on a personal level.

As a side note: You should always find ways to advance yourself, and the MBA is a great way of doing exactly that. Think about what it says about your character. Someone who is willing to spend their evenings and weekends (for part-time students) going to classes and learning new things is definitely someone I would want on my team. 

Fun … in every sense of the word. We often fail to stop and realize that fun can be had in most situations, no matter how daunting they may seem at first. This program surrounded me with people who reminded me of that, and made for an enjoyable experience, albeit stressful at times. You’ll also get to meet some pretty cool people and professors with decades of experience; both will unquestionably become resources to draw on in the coming years.

How would you describe your MBA in just three words?