New Attending Physican and Counsellor Statements

New Attending Physician & Counsellor Statements

Last week, York University released updated versions of the Attending Physician’s Statement and Counsellor’s Statement to reflect current privacy standards.  These forms have been uploaded to the Academic Petitions site, hosted by the Office of the University Registrar.

Refresh My Memory…

The Attending Physician’s Statement becomes very important in the event that you get sick and miss a final exam. You must submit a completed form to Keshia Gray, Director of Student & Enrolment Services within 48 hours of a missed exam as part of the deferral request process. (Reminder: You must first notify the Director, Student & Enrolment Services within 24 hours of missing the exam).

The Counsellor’s Statement is specifically for counselling services provided to a student, either by Counselling & Disability Servies (CDS) at York, or an external provider.  The form can be a significant piece of supporting documentation in the event that you require academic accommodations, missed an exam, or are submitting an academic petition.

Why the Revision?

These forms were revised based on feedback regarding the previous version as well as input from disability services.  Most importantly, the forms adhere to current privacy standards.  While there will be a transition period during which we accept the old Attending Physician’s Statement, please make best efforts to use the new forms moving forward.

Where Do I Find Them Again?

Questions? Reach out to Student & Enrolment Services at

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