To students who rented a locker for the 2019-2020 academic year, you may still have items that you wish to retrieve, and that are inaccessible to you during the closure of operations.

Unfortunately we cannot make arrangements for students to be granted access to lockers in the Schulich buildings.

Please take assurance that all doors to the building remain locked, lockers will not be emptied or re-programmed during the COVID-19 closure, and your locker can therefore not be accessed by anyone during this time.

The standard locker rental term is September to July 31st of each academic year.

  • If the YorkU campus reopens before July 31st, all students will be notified. You will be invited to retrieve all contents from your locker by the standard deadline.
  • If the campus does not re-open by the July 31st end date of the locker rental term, those who have items in their lockers will remain in place and the July 31st rental date will be extended.

Thank-you for your patience and understanding during these circumstances. Take care Schulich!