Did you know? The Schulich School of Business is using CampusGroups, a campus community engagement platform and app.

This space, branded OneSchulich, is a place for leaders of student organizations to communicate with YOU- the student body! As a user, you’ll enjoy your own news feed and an events calendar, as well as the opportunity to customize your profile to better introduce yourself and network to your colleagues.

OneSchulich is the best way to stay connected with Schulich’s many student-run clubs. It’s also the place for you to form your 601 groups and get them approved. Explore your interests, check out upcoming events and connect with your student leaders.

Getting started is easy!

Step 1: Log in

Visit https://oneschulich.yorku.ca/home_login and click through to “YorkU Login.” Use your Passport York account credentials to authenticate.

Step 2: Arrive at your dashboard.

Here you’ll find a quick glance at upcoming events and groups you’ve joined. (You won’t see recent posts until you jump to your Feed).

Step 3: Set up your profile.

This is an important step so that other students can connect with you – don’t skip it! At the top right of your dashboard, you’ll see an avatar icon that represents your OneSchulich account. Click here to navigate to Account Set-Up. 

Add any relevant details about your interests, background and bio. Don’t forget to upload a profile photo!

Step 4: Check out your Feed!

Click your Feed menu at the left to land on your home newsfeed from the community. You can post updates, news or questions here, and also engage with others’ posts by liking and commenting.

Step 5: Connect with Students in the Directory

Get to know your colleagues! Browse the directory to view others’ profiles and connect over shared interests or your program of study. You can connect as friends (similar to LinkedIn) and also use the chat feature to reach out. 

Step 6: Download the Mobile App!

Make life easier by keeping OneSchulich with you at all times on your smartphone. NEW in 2020: You can now download the OneSchulich app for iOS or Android.

Questions & Support

For questions or troubleshooting, reach out to oneschulichsupport@schulich.yorku.ca for assistance. 

If you receive a system error message that reads “your profile cannot be found,” send an email request to oneschulichsupport@schulich.yorku.ca to be added to the system.