Neo Insight is carrying out research with the Government of Canada to improve services that support businesses. They are looking for MBA students to participate in research sessions, in which you will be asked to interact with a website and share feedback for the Canada Revenue Agency.

Sessions are 1:1 with a Neo Insight researcher, typically last close to one hour, and are usually online, so you can take part from your own computer and at a time of your choosing.

Participants who are selected and who take part in a session will receive a gift certificate of $50, $75, or $100 to thank them for their participation, depending on the nature of the test.

Interested? Please answer the survey below to see if you qualify to participate in a one-hour research session. Completing the questionnaire does not guarantee your participation – respondents will be contacted based on their research needs.

If you are eligible to participate in such a session, you will be contacted by a Neo Insight researcher personally to begin scheduling the testing session.

Deadline to complete the questionnaire: December 15, 2017

For all additional inquiries, please contact Eric Hutt:

Eric Hutt
Research Associate
T: (613) 686-6672