For quick and convenient access, note that you can install the Lotus Notes Traveler app on your mobile device. Follow the instructions below to access your Schulich e-mail on your phone.

For iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Launch web browser on your device and go to Schulich Lotus Notes Traveler home page at

Step 2:  You will be presented with a login prompt. Noteif you had just changed your password for the Schulich account, you need to wait for at least 15-20 minutes for the password to sync between Web and Mobile accounts and then try this later.

Log on using your Schulich Account with your full email address as your username.

  • Username: <> (your full email address)
  • Password: <Schulich account password> (Same as what you use for email )

Now you will see the page Generate your Profile for <your name>.

Step 3: Tap on Generate button to generate mail profile.

Step 4:  Tap on Install button displayed under Install Profile screen

Step 5:  Provide your Schulich Account  password again when you are asked to provide “Exchange password” and tap on Next button to complete the installation.

Step 6:  Restart the device.

Go to Mail and you will see a new mail box IBM Notes Traveler for <your email address>.  It might take a minute or so download the messages to your mail box.   You can rename the mailbox under the Settings.


For Android

Step 1: Download

Download the app from Google Play store.

Now under the Apps list you should see three new apps installed – Mail, Calendar and Lookup in addition to Lotus Traveler.

Step 2: Configure

Make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi or Data connection. Launch Lotus Traveler app and accept the license agreement.  Now enter the information below, double-check for spelling errors and click “Next”:

  • Server Name:
  • Username: (full email address)
  • Password: schulich account password that you use for your Email

If there are any security warnings, please ignore them.  Now you can click Finish to complete the installation. If the connection to the server goes through you will get the confirmation that Louts Traveler is active.

Step 3: Set Sync Preferences

Now you can access your email through the (blue and white) Mail icon. You can adjust the sync setting based on your preferences.