Concerned about climate change and what governments do or don’t do about it?

Take on the challenges of making a real-life difference through public value creation, with this exciting Winter elective!

PUBL 6050 3.00: Managing for Public Purpose

Governments are a major force shaping the business environment. The mission of governments is to create public value, regulating, enabling and partnering with business in the process. PUBL 6050 will deepen your strategic understanding of the role of government, and of key features of public policy and management in different contexts across the globe.

Challenge yourself to take on the role of public managers with the objective to enhance public value, and improve performance and service delivery in collaboration with private and social sector partners.
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Term: Winter 2020
Course Code: PUBL 6050 3.00 X
Time: Thursdays, 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: SSB W255

Cat#: S62U01

Prerequisites: All 5100-series Required Foundations of Management Core Courses.

The course will be taught by Professor Burkard Eberlein. His research is in comparative public policy and international governance, with a focus on transnational policy-making in the energy and environment field.

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