Schulich is introducing an exciting, inter-disciplinary course offering and the first of its kind,Leading Through the Pandemic: Insights From Individuals, Organizations, Governments & Societies”

This open-access seminar series will provide students with insight on key observations about the pandemic which are foundational to the development of course objectives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the existing social order across various social groups (i.e., individuals, organizations, governments, and societies), the negative impacts on which have not been uniform. Within each social group, stories of resilience through the pandemic surface, creating potential learning opportunities.

In this course, you will learn about and have an opportunity to reflect on:

  • WHAT the impact of the pandemic has been across the following social groups: individuals, organizations, governments, and societies.
  • WHY some members within each social group have been more negatively impacted than others.
  • HOW some members within each social group have productively adapted to the pandemic

Why Take This Course?

  • Interact with eleven of the best minds at the School, and benefit from sessions led by different instructors from a variety of disciplines. 
  • Connect and engage with students across different programs and careers. 
  • Learn important personal, organizational, and societal leadership lessons.
  • Have your work showcased on the Schulich website and add something unique to your resume. 

Who Can Enrol?

This course is open to students across all degree programs (from BBA to Ph.D.) at the Schulich School of Business with the option to take it as an individual study if you have a free elective in your program, or for a certificate if you do not. 

Individual Study Option:

You may take this course as a 3.00 credit individual study that counts toward your degree requirements. This course will appear on your transcript (as a pass/fail grade) and can be included as an Individual Study on your resume. For this option, students receive the certificate and the commendation, as well as a pass/fail grade for the course.

NOTE: Exercising the individual study option requires you to have a free elective in your program.

Other Non-Credit Study Options

You may take this Schulich Open Online Course (SOOC) in a variety of ways:

Certificate Option: This does not show up on your transcript. Students will receive a physical certificate upon completion and you can include this in your resume.

Certificate Plus Commendation Option: On top of the certificate you will receive a commendation in the form of your Individual/Team Assignment being showcased on the Schulich website. This can also be referenced in your resume.

Non-Certificate Option: You can say, “Attended the SOOC” on your resume.

Course Details:

Frequency: Fall classes run on alternating Saturdays starting September 12 and ending December 5.
Winter classes are run on alternating Saturdays starting January 16 ending March 27.

Time: Synchronous sessions will be a maximum of 90 minutes (they will also be recorded for later viewing). They will take place from 9:00am – 10:30am EST/EDT.

Registration and Enrolment:

Visit the Course Canvas page by clicking here, and logging in with your Passport York account. Once you’ve arrived on the course homepage, click “+ Join this course” in the top right corner. 

On Canvas, you’ll see detailed information about: 

  • Differences between study options
  • Details on learning modules
  • Dates and frequency of classes
  • Descriptions for assignments

Reminder: If you decide to take this course as an Individual Study (for 1.50 or 3.00 credits) you will have to complete additional registration. Student and Enrolment services will communicate enrolment details and instructions shortly.

Note that you will have the flexibility to switch between options according to your program’s Enrolment Important Dates and the York University Refund Table. Details will follow.

Questions? Contact 

Visit the Teaching and Learning website for additional course and instructor details!