Two Master of Management (MMgt) students have just won the $25,000 grad prize in the annual Canada’s Next Top Ad Executive competition.

Michelle Vacarciuc (MMgt ’19) and Jaclyn Shapiro (MMgt ’19) were one of only 10 teams from 184 submissions to advance to the third and final phase of the competition, where they had to present a marketing plan that would establish Microsoft as a thought leader for artificial intelligence. The pair were also awarded the Market Research Award for their innovative use of data during the competition.

The win is a rewarding achievement for Jaclyn and Michelle, who took a very studied approach to developing their solution by analyzing the competitive landscape and leveraging the business’ key strengths.

“Throughout the competition, we’ve expanded our knowledge about AI technology and its potential applications,” the pair said.

They also learned how to develop, challenge, and ultimately bring an idea to life.

“We learned it’s important to continually ask “Why?” to validate your idea’s direction. If an idea keeps lingering in your mind, and you genuinely believe it’s exciting, it usually means you’re on the right track.”

This is the second year in a row that Schulich has won the competition; 2018 winners Phil Gingras (MBA ’18) and Marta Michalek (MBA ’18) are pictured with the winning team – their support and excitement is palpable!

A huge congratulations to our MMgt students! Read more about Michelle and Jaclyn’s win here.