As a Schulich student, it’s no secret that you have access to a wide (and often overwhelming) variety of digital platforms, tools and community spaces. Especially now, in this new era of virtual learning, there are plenty of webpages and applications that you may be struggling to keep track of.

Let’s break it down!

Your colleagues and GBC student representatives often provide a helpful reminder that, in short, you have three major platforms serving the following needs for you as a student. 

  • Academics: Your go-to platform is Canvas, the Learning Management System that houses all of your classes. 
  • Careers: Your go-to platform is Handshake, where all of your career development activities and opportunities are housed. 
  • Student life: Your go-to platform is OneSchulich, a campus engagement platform (hosted by CampusGroups) where your student club activities and events are shared. 

Beyond these three major areas, you also have lots of places that you may need to visit and bookmark, depending on your program and study options. Below is a quick guide from A-Z to help remind you of what’s what. 

Student Tool Glossary

Academic Forms Database

Located in your MySchulich Student Portal (more on that below), various forms for academic and administrative processes can be found here. Forms are kept in a gated database because they may change over time, and are often protected PDFs that require authentication to access. 


As the learning management system used by your instructors at Schulich, Canvas is where you’ll go to find all of your course-related information. Shortly after enrolling in a course, you’ll be granted access to the corresponding Canvas course.

Canvas is also home to some other important resources for new students. You’ll complete mandatory Academic Integrity modules here before you start your program. You’ll also be invited to a Toolkit course created by your Student Services team, that walks you through all of your onboarding steps and resources.

Course Offerings Site

The Schulich Course Offerings site is an up to date repository managed by the Office of the Associate Dean, Academic. It displays all currently mounted courses and sections for a calendar year of academic terms (ie. Summer, Fall, Winter). You’ll find details for each course section here such as date, time, instructor and catalogue numbers. While scheduled courses are subject to change, the course offerings site provides you with the most accurate picture of Schulich’s current classes. Note that the course offerings site will not indicate seat availability., but provides notes, such as program-specific restrictions.

Current Students Website 

This page is designed to provide you with quick access to the resources you need on a frequent basis, both at Schulich and at York. Explore the page to find information that’s relevant for you, organized by category. Locate handy universal links like Important Dates, Course Offerings, and more on the Quick Links menu (right side of the webpage). 


Handshake is the Centre for Career Design (CCD)’s platform to view job postings, workshops, company information sessions, and to register for career advising appointments. Log in with your Passport York account here. 

MySchulich Student Portal 

Your student portal (MySchulich) is a central, personalized site where you can access your course materials and other important links. Think of it as a customized dashboard that links off to the courses you’re enrolled in, and to many of the other platforms that you’re familiar with. You can find a link to log in at the top right corner of any webpage, or bookmark this link. 


OneSchulich is a campus community engagement platform and app. Getting on the app is the best way to stay connected with Schulich’s many student-run clubs. Explore your interests, check out upcoming events and connect with your student leaders. As a user, you’ll enjoy your own news feed and an events calendar, as well as the opportunity to customize your profile to better introduce yourself to your colleagues. Best of all: You can now download the OneSchulich app for iOS or Android!

As of this year, if you are doing the Strategy Field Study (601), you’ll join via OneSchulich too.

Passport York 

Passport York is an ID you are affiliated with, that authenticates you as a member of the York computing community. Passport York gives you access to a wide range of resources and services, allowing you to do things like enrol in classes and access the waitlist. It’s helpful to think of Passport York as a user ID or pin, rather than any single destination. Many of the resources in this blog post will require your Passport York credentials for access. 


Zoom is the video conferencing software that has become a staple during the COVID-19 pandemic, so chances are you’re very familiar! Zoom may be used to deliver some of your course content live, which allows for engaged and interactive sessions. It’s also a lifeline for remote group work and staying connected to your colleagues! All students with a Passport York account are granted a York Zoom account. Visit to download and install Zoom.