This session is highly recommended for all students beginning the 601 in Winter 2023 only. A recording of the webinar will be made available for students unable to attend.

IMPORTANT: If you are unsure whether you are eligible to start the 601, please review the Enrolment Requirements on 601 Info on Canvas. Enrolment requirements are strictly enforced.


How do I know that I’m ready to start the 601?

Prerequisites: The 601 is taken during the last two terms of study, after successful completion of the following:

  • Must have successfully completed all 5000-series Required Foundations of Management Core Courses, and have taken or be taking SGMT 6000 3.00 in the first term of the 601.


What do I produce and participate in, as part of this project?

Your major project deliverables include:

• Active participation throughout your last two terms of the MBA and attendance at mandatory 601 events
• A presentation of your findings and recommendations to senior management of your assigned company.
• A company assessment that summarizes its prospects, identifies strategic alternatives and makes actionable recommendations for implementation.

Your 601 Support Team:

Ingo Holzinger
Program Director, Strategy Field Study

Tanya Duguid
Program Assistant, Strategy Field Study
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