During the busy Winter term, hours on campus grow longer and daylight hours get shorter. Please take measures to ensure your safety and well-being on campus. You can review Safety-Related Policies here.

York University’s Community Safety Department website outlines a number of helpful resources available to students and we encourage you to take the time to review these.

Here are some key safety features worth noting:

Download the YorkU Safety App

Designed for York U students, faculty and staff, the free app provides access to all of the University’s safety resources, including a direct call to campus security and goSAFE, as well as information regarding the Campus Shuttle and other campus safety related services. Push notifications and the safety alert feature allow the university to communicate campus emergencies directly and immediately with users.


GoSafe & the Village Shuttle

GoSafe is a safety service available to faculty, staff, and students free of charge. By request, this service will walk you from one point on the campus to another.  GoSafe operates during the evenings, usually after 6:00pm. More information is available on their website.

The University also offers a campus shuttle service, providing drop-off to the off-campus housing areas to the south the Keele Campus. More information, such as routes, stops and schedules are available here.

Blue Light Emergency PhonesBlue Light Emergency Phones

Emergency Telephones are located in parking lots, residence lobbies, some building entrances, in all elevators and laundry rooms. Outdoor Emergency Telephones are equipped with a blue light so they are highly visible.

If immediate assistance is required, such as for a medical emergency, vehicle breakdown or someone believes that their personal safety is compromised, Security can be contacted by using any Emergency Blue Light Telephone located around campus or call free from any campus pay telephone. Calls to 911 and the Student Escort Service are also free from campus pay telephones.

When using an Emergency Blue Light Telephone, simply press the call button and the call will be directly connected to the Security Control Centre. Location is automatically displayed to the Security Officer. When using an Emergency Telephone that has closed circuit television coverage, Security will be able to observe what is occurring.

Indoor Safety Phones

Indoor campus safety phones have been installed in all buildings at both the Keele and Glendon campuses. Indoor safety phones are typically located on all floors of every building either in entrance foyers, by elevator lobbies or in main corridors. The indoor safety phones are clearly identified and are visible from a distance. These phones are equipped with two direct telephone lines. This means that by pressing the red, “Push For Help” button you will be connected directly to the Security Services Control Centre.

This direct line to Security Services should be used:

  • to report crime in progress
  • to call for assistance
  • to call in case of a medical or other type of emergency

A second telephone line on the indoor safety phone connects the user to the campus goSAFE program. During goSAFE’s operating hours a walking escort can be arranged to a bus stop, to your vehicle or to another goSAFE pick up destination.

Classrooms and lecture halls with a seating capacity of 75 and over have also been equipped with classroom safety phones. These telephones are the traditional Meridian telephones that have been equipped with two direct telephone lines. For classroom and lecture hall safety phones a direct line connects the user to the Security Services Control Centre and the second line connects the user to the Instructional Technology Centre. This second telephone line can be used to report defective audio visual equipment.

Empower yourself by taking note of these and other safety services around campus. Wishing you a safe term !


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