In your graduate studies at Schulich and the wider business world, it’s no secret that marketing yourself and making a meaningful impression are key.

Your physical presentation, attire and body language communicate an important message to your audience. That’s why the little things – from your conversation openers to the cut of your suit jacket- matter so much.

With so many different events to prep for however, putting your best face forward isn’t always easy. Different dress codes, styles, cultural expectations and budget restrictions can make it difficult to attire yourself appropriately for networking, industry and academic events.

MBA candidate Jacob Raggiunti saw a need among his peers and knew he wanted to do something about it.

“I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spark within me,” says Jacob. “While attending Schulich events in my first year, I saw other students who were struggling with how to dress for Canadian business events, and knew I could help alleviate the confusion and anxiety.”

An MBA Outfit

Since finding his inspiration last term, he has single-handedly launched Suit Your Success, a bespoke suit company geared particularly at MBA students. Customers meet with Jacob for a full consultation to determine measurements and style preferences.

“We also look at industry trends in convention and style,” notes Jacob. This is an important step before students invest in their own made-to-measure suit. With affordable starting prices and an average four-week turnaround time, Jacob’s goal is to provide an accessible but sophisticated option for students who feel intimidated or simply too busy to shop. But more than that, Jacob’s focus is on sharing strategies and cultural expectations, peer-to-peer. Every customer is offered a free and friendly 1-on-1 coaching session on etiquette and personal branding. With Jacob’s background in language coaching and performance, these are skills that he is constantly developing and enjoys exploring with his colleagues.

“Many classes have given me opportunities to present in front of my peers, helping me to become a more confident entrepreneur.”

“I’ve experienced the anxieties of putting yourself out there firsthand,” says Jacob. “Dressing the part is not only important, it gives you a huge boost in confidence.”

From New MBA Student to New Entrepreneur

Offering custom shirting, monogramming and free alterations, Suit Your Success is now live and Jacob is looking forward to working with his colleagues as customers. “I’m excited to be building a story for myself,” he says. “I’ve found a convenient business model with low overhead, and a real opportunity to help people look their best. Even if I sold only two suits, I’d be happy!”

Pursuing an MBA has helped Jacob feel confident venturing into entrepreneurial territory.

“My experience at Schulich so far has been very immersive! The people really do make the difference.  I value the meaningful interactions, new friends, and connections that I have made so far.”

Jacob is constantly applying his MBA skills to both his own career development and his new venture.

“Many classes have given me opportunities to present in front of my peers, helping me to become a more confident entrepreneur,” says Jacob. “In particular, Managing Change (ORGS 6350) was a valuable course that dealt directly with how people interact. Interpersonal skills and presentation skills are key for a successful entrepreneur.”

Ready to suit up for success this term?