Another term comes to a close…

As you get into exam study mode, we wanted to give you several Summer term enrolment reminders to ease your mind.

  1. MBA students may take a term off in between their studies without penalty. If you are taking the Summer term off simply do not enrol in If you plan to take two or more consecutive terms off, you will need to petition for a leave of absence by submitting a Graduate Academic Petition Form to Student & Enrolment Services with your rationale.
  2. Review the Summer 2017 sessional dates for class start and end dates as well as examination periods.
  3. Summer 2017 tuition fees are available on the York website. Tuition is due by May 10. To receive a full refund for the Summer term, students must drop all of their Summer courses by April 30. Please review the refund table for more details.
  4. Students can enrol into Summer courses up to the first week of classes. If you receive a message that a course is full or the spaces are reserved, add yourself to the Summer 2017 wait list.
  5. Do you plan to start the 601 in Summer 2017? Double check the 601 overview to ensure you are eligible. Student & Enrolment Services will be conducting a 601 pre-requisite check to ensure students are meeting the requirements. Ineligible students will be notified.
  6. Thinking about an individual study? It does require some legwork. Students will need to find a faculty member that is willing to supervise a research topic that you are passionate about. To receive credit for an individual study, students need to submit a Master’s Level Individual Study Form to Student & Enrolment Services by the end of the first week of classes.
  7. Students who believe they have a valid reason for having a pre-requisite waived in order to take an elective, will need to get permission from the instructor. A signed Enrol with Instructor Permission Form will need to be submitted to Student & Enrolment Services. These forms will be processed pending space availability.
  8. A reminder that to be promoted to the next term, students must achieve a minimum 4.20 GPA or a minimum 4.40 GPA to be eligible for graduation.

Questions?  Book a 1-1 advising appointment  or contact us at

Good luck on your final exams!!!