Questions About Permanent Residency Alternatives & Work Permits?

Schulich's International Relations Office hosted multiple work permits and PR sessions this year in February and March for international graduating students who want to learn more about work permits and immigration alternatives post-degree. Due to a high volume of inquiries from international students, they will provide one final information session on the topic. Don't miss out! [...]

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Work Permit/PR Information Sessions for International Students

Schulich's International Relations Office hosted three sessions from November 2015 to Feb 2016 regarding Work Permit for Graduating Students & Permanent Residency Alternatives Sessions for international students. Many of you have already attended these sessions. We hope you found them informative and helpful. We noticed that some students could not attend these sessions due to class [...]

Work Permit Information Session for Graduating Students

Are you an international student that is completing your degree in December or April? Find out how to navigate CIC information related to the post-graduation work permit, understand the timeline for working full-time, and how this fits with your program requirements (including 601/602 for MBA/IMBA). Resources for work permits for spouses and permanent residency alternatives will [...]

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