Biying Liu has long known that she has a passion for talking dollars and cents.

As an undergraduate student, she specialized in both Finance and Economics. She had worked as a Retail Banking Intern and donated time to the United Way as a Financial Literacy Volunteer.

And yet, something was missing.

“I had no full-time work experience in the industry at the time,” she recalls. She knew that in order to turn her growing passion for Finance into a rewarding career, she needed to keep developing specialized industry knowledge.

“I saw that the Master of Finance would allow me to take a big step forward in my career, with a practical curriculum and an incredibly strong alumni network,” says Biying. “The program was particularly attractive to me for the opportunity to specialize in risk management.”

Today, Biying is entering her final term of the program with an impressive A-level GPA, two terms’ experience as a Graduate Ambassador and excitement for the road ahead.

She’s equipping herself for her end-goal: a Bay Street job in risk management. It’s a career that will demand strong theoretical knowledge of options and finance, the careful use of risk management tools and powerful analytical skills.

“Not only did I sharpen my analytical skills, I learned to communicate complex statistical information – an extremely important skill in the Finance field.”

It’s no easy undertaking, but she gives herself whole-heartedly to the process.

In fact, her favourite classes are some of the most quantitatively demanding in the program –
like Econometrics of Financial Markets with Professor K. Vandezande.

“Not only did I sharpen my analytical skills,” says Biying of the class, “I learned how to concisely communicate complex statistical information – an extremely important skill in Finance.”

In addition to prepping Biying for her dream career and serving up academically invigorating classes, Biying mentions a third reward of the program: she’s also managing to have fun!

“One of my favourite memories here at Schulich is my program Orientation,” she recalls. “I’m also looking forward to the upcoming annual GTA Master of Finance Soccer Tournament!”

Best of all, her time at Schulich has cultivated one of Biying’s most valuable and obvious qualities: a genuine love of learning. She believes in the importance of adapting to, and preparing for, the changing landscape of the industry. As a result, she takes a thorough, 360-degree approach to her studies, which is exactly what risk management demands.

Of course Biying has a much more concise way of putting it.

She says simply, “Learn as if you were to live forever.”