If you haven’t already, please visit the Registrar’s Office website to find out when you can enrol, then keep in mind these 3 important details:

  1. Students can enrol in a maximum of 15.00 credits per term until June 26. The enrolment system will be suspended on June 27 and reopen on June 28 to allow students to enrol into a maximum of 18.00 credits per term.
  2. The wait list opens on July 4 at schulich.yorku.ca. Students can add themselves to a maximum of three wait lists per term (Fall and Winter). If you are unable to enrol in a course because it is full or the spaces reserved, please add yourself to the wait list. Requesting permission from the instructor does not bypass the wait list.
  3. Clear outstanding fees. Students must have less than $1000 owing or they will be blocked from enrolment.

Stay tuned for more important updates, including:

  • enrolling with instructor permission
  • waiving pre-requisites
  • the 601 (MGMT 6090/MGMT 6100)