Please note today is the last day that the wait list will be assessed. Students who are granted permission from the wait list will have 24 hours to add the course to their schedule.

  • January 13 is the last day to add courses without instructor permission.
  • As of January 14, students may enrol by instructor permission only. Please note that instructors are not required to give permission regardless if space exists in their course.

Students are responsible for ensuring that they have an appropriate course load as permission from the wait list is not guaranteed. If you receive a message that “spaces in this course are reserved,” this means the course is full and you should select another course.

Pre-requisite checks are also being completed. Students who do not have the necessary pre-requisite will be notified and de-enrolled from courses. Please adjust your schedule immediately if you have enrolled in a course without completing a pre-requisite or a waiver by the instructor.

Attendance reminder: Students who do not attend classes run the risk of being de-enrolled at the instructor’s request. Please contact instructors in advance regarding unexpected absences. You must be formally enrolled in all classes you are attending.

Wishing you success in your new Winter Term schedule!