As a student, you are responsible for fees associated with your enrolment in any term. As a reminder, your student account statement is viewable online at but is not sent to students.

The deadline for all Fall 2015 fees is Thursday September 10, 2015!

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with all of the tabs in your account yet, it’s recommended that you take the time to do so.

To access your student account visit the following link

Statements vs. Transactions

Statements are posted on the Web around the 18th of each month and include information relating to your previous statement amount, date and current balance owing. Transactions are posted to your account whenever payments made and payments owing to York University are processed. If a payment has been made to York University or courses were added or dropped between statements, please review the transaction page as statements are only updated monthly and therefore will not reflect any transactions made after the statement date.  The transactions page will reflect all transactions, payments and charges.  All transactions have a statement date associated with them, therefore any transactions not yet reflected on your statement will be posted as “NEW” until the statement is updated.  To access the transactions page click on “View Transactions when you log in” to access you statement click on “View Statement”.

Understanding your statement

Outstanding amounts are due on the 10th of the following month. For example, statements posted Nov18th will have a due date of Dec 10th.

Minimum payment due this month must be paid by the payment due date to avoid late charges. The total outstanding balance owing is located under the heading Present Balance. This amount reflects all charges to your account and is not necessarily what is due.  For instance, if you have enrolled in fall and winter courses the Present Balance will reflect both your Fall and Winter tuition even though your winter tuition is not yet due.  The minimum payment due this month will only reflect the Fall tuition fees as that is the payment due.

Please note that the Present Balance is the balance of your account as of the statement date.  Any transactions after the statement date will not be reflected on the balance.  To see the most up to date balance and transactions you need to click on “view transactions” when you log in.

For more information on late fees and penalties, visit the Student Financial Services Web site and click the Financial Repercussions tab.


Previous Statement Date – This is the date your last statement was run.

Previous Balance – This is the balance shown on your last statement

Amount Due on Last Statement – This was the amount which had to be paid from the last statement to avoid late charges.

Payments Received – this is a total of all payment made to your account since the last statement was issued.

Present Balance – This is the total outstanding balance.  The may include charges which do not begin until another term and for fees which are not due now.

Minimum Payment Due this Month – this amount must be paid by the “Payment Due By” date to avoid late charges.  If the amount is zero, no payment is due on that date.

Payment Due By – Payment must be made by this date in order to avoid interest charges.  Payments are currently due by the 10th of the following month.  If the full amount of the “Minimum Payment Due this Month” is not paid by the due date, in interest will be added to the account.