Exam Season #ProTips: Resources & Preparation

The Winter 2019 examination period is from April 6-13, 2019. It is your responsibility as a student to ensure that you are available to sit for examinations during the entire exam period for the term corresponding to your course.

A few reminders…

Exam Resources: Your Quick-Start Guide

Below are some quick resources to get you started. If you are unclear about exam regulations, scheduling, accommodations or anything else, please connect with the Student & Enrolment Services team (W263).

My Concern

My Next Step

Help! I’m a terrible procrastinator.
I’m feeling anxious about my exams.
I’m struggling with research.
  • The Bronfman Library has resources by industry and genre to assist you with citation, business research and more. Check out their “Chat With a Business Librarian” feature on their homepage!
  • When it comes to academic honesty, never guess. Brush up on citation strategies and academic integrity principles with this quick webinar.
I have concerns about my courses or program.
  • See an academic advisor for issues relating to your classes, enrolment and success in your program. Book a time and method that works for you with the 1-1 online booking system.
I’m confused about exam conduct and policies.
I require an exam accommodation.
  • Remember that you must first be registered with York’s Student Accessibility Services
  • Requests for alternate exams must be made online well in advance (3+ weeks). See yorku.ca/altexams/guidelines for details.
  • Students who cannot write an exam on the scheduled date due to a significant religious observance, should contact the course instructor a minimum of three weeks prior to the exam period.
My exams are scheduled too close together or conflict.

Good luck! Keep calm and study on✌️

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