Incoming and outgoing GBC members celebrate the election results.

A huge congratulations to all who ran in the recent Graduate Business Council election! Your passion for improving the student experience at Schulich is inspiring, particularly during such a full and demanding period in your lives.

On Friday March 1st, GBC President James Prince and Vice President Ali Rushdi officially announced the GBC Executive for the upcoming academic year. After acknowledging how impressive, qualified and passionate this year’s candidates were, they noted an exciting jump in voter turnout for this year’s GBC Election: an 8% increase, which Ali says “is a testament to the Council and the engagement level that we’ve had this year.”

A round of applause for all candidates!

All 2019-2020 candidates congratulate each other on a great race this year.

With our congratulations and respect for the candidates, we’re so excited to share the announcement of the new GBC appointment:


Watch for additional profiles to come on the GradBlog later this year!