Final exams are around the corner! The Winter 2019 exam period runs from April 6-13, inclusive.

While you’ll no doubt make every effort to prepare for your exams, sometimes unplanned life events happen. In the event of illness, accidents or family misfortune, you may be eligible for an exam deferral.

What’s that?

Exam deferrals allow students additional time to complete their studies, write an exam and earn a complete final grade.

What do I do if I need a deferral?

In the event that you miss an exam due to illness, you must  follow these procedural guidelines to be approved for a deferred exam.

  • Contact Keshia Gray, Director, Student & Enrolment Services within 24 hours of missing a final examination. E-mail and include the date, time and course for the exam missed, and reason for the absence.
  • Contact your course instructor and notify them of your absence within 24 hours of missing a final exam.
  • If you’ve missed a final exam due to illness, submit an Attending Physician’s Statement, found in the Graduate Academic Forms database on your MySchulich Student Portal.

Thing to know: Submitting the Statement and/or submitting documentation substantiating the reason for the absence does not guarantee approval of a deferred final exam. Permission to write a deferred exam is subject to review by Student & Enrolment Services and the course instructor.

What happens when I receive my deferral decision?

If a deferred final exam is denied, you can petition to the Student Affairs Committee within 14 calendar days of the decision.

If approved, it is your responsibility to arrange the deferred final exam with the course instructor.

Please refer to pg. 23 of the Graduate Policy Handbook for the accommodations policy and other information about exam regulations.

Happy Studying!