Introducing a new Short Program Opportunity! Study Abroad this year

 Doing Business in Israel: December 30, 2018–January 7, 2019

This program frames the central aspects of doing business in Israel within the context of the country’s high-tech and entrepreneurship sectors. Students gain a comprehensive view into the Israeli business environment, integrating academic perspective and insights with a hands-on introduction into the dynamics of the business field.


Note that Doing Business in Israel (DBI) is a 10-day, 36-contact hour seminar. Learn about Schulich’s Short Programs here.

“The reasons I chose this short program in Israel are simple: not only does it fall during our Christmas break but the high-tech entrepreneurship topic is my passion.  I appreciated the diversity of the program and I loved the culture. I truly recommend this program to everyone in Schulich. My experience at Tel Aviv wasn’t just amazing, it was beyond my imagination. It was the best decision I made so far and I wish everyone I know will do the same.”

 Liutong Ding, Part-time MBA, Dec 2017- Jan 2018

Application Deadline: October 10, 2018, 4pm