There was never a question that I wanted to go on exchange while completing my MBA. For me, the hard part was deciding where to go. I did not complete an exchange during my undergrad and have always regretted not taking the opportunity to do so. While going somewhere like Australia or Spain was high on my list, during the information session Cheryl mentioned to think of going somewhere you normally wouldn’t consider traveling to. This advice really resonated with me and I took it into consideration when looking for schools to apply to. Although I never would have imagined, I couldn’t be happier that I’m in Copenhagen!

Even though I’m only six weeks into my exchange, it has already provided me with some amazing experiences. I’m taking incredible CSR courses, gaining a new academic perspective, learning Danish, and meeting tons of people from across Europe! Not to mention I’m excited to take advantage of Denmark’s geographic location and explore Northern Europe while here. If you’re questioning whether or not to go on exchange I highly encourage you to go. You’re not likely to get this opportunity again!

– Krista Stewart, CBS Fall 2016

Apply for exchange by 4pm on Monday, November 7 , 2016

Graduate Exchange