Are you starting the 601 or 602 in the Summer 2021 term?

Here are four steps to register:

1.    Check your eligibility to begin the Strategy Field Study.

  • It is your responsibility to check your eligibility.
  • DO NOT register if you are not eligible to start the 601/2. You will be removed from your team – even after the semester has started – which can create a real liability for your teammates who will be left with fewer members to complete the project.
  • If you intend to start the 601/2 and don’t satisfy the eligibility criteria you may be able to file a petition. Petitions are approved only if extenuating circumstances apply. Please consult with your Student Success Coordinator on how to proceed before you file a petition. 

2.    Register for the Strategy Field Study SU2021 on OneSchulich.

  • On this site, you will be able to review the profiles of other students starting the 601/2 and create a team with them.
  • This step is not required. If you already have a team that satisfies the requirements (6 members; diverse backgrounds), please skip to the next step.

3.    Register your team for approval at the new 601 Team Approval site.

  • This step is mandatory and the only way to register a team for the 601/2.
  • One team member – the dedicated team coordinator – will need to sign up and invite the other members by providing their Schulich email addresses.
  • Once all members have completed their profiles, the 601 Director will review them and decide whether to approve or reject the team.
  • If approved, the team will be assigned a faculty chair and added to its own Canvas course. The team will then be ready to start their 601/2.
  • If rejected, the members of the team will be required to form different teams that satisfy the requirements.

4.    Enrol for MGMT 6090 (MBAs only)

  • MBA students must enrol in MGMT 6090 for the semester in which they start their 601.
  • Exceptions (e.g., leaves of absence; visa requirements) will be handled by Student (Enrolment) Services. Please consult with your Student Success Coordinator.

Teams must be approved by Friday, May 7th.

Please note: Teams starting the 601/2 in the Summer 2021 semester will NOT be subject to any campus-related composition requirements. That means that teams may be made up of six students from the Toronto (Keele/Nadal/online) cohorts, or 6 students from the Schulich in India cohort, or six students that represent a mix of both. Please check the 601/2 INFORMATION HOMEPAGE for updates and more detailed information.