Get ready to map out all of your deliverables for the Winter Term!

#Schulax: Deliverable Mapping Coaching Event
Thursday, January 18th, 2018
Location: TBA
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Being prepared and organized from the start of each semester is crucial to performing at your best, but more importantly, preserving your wellness and mental health. Too often, students sacrifice their wellbeing and sanity due to a lack of foresight regarding their course-deliverables, falling victim to all-nighters and overexertion.

For this reason, the GBC is holding a Deliverable Mapping event (by appointment & drop-in) on Thursday, January 18th. At this session, a handful of Schulich’s second-year Masters students will advise students on how to map out their course-deliverables and organize their workload for the semester. They can also provide valuable insights regarding how to manage the busy periods that this deliverable planning will uncover.

What to bring:

· Each of your course syllabi
· Laptop and/or pen/pencil and paper
· Day planner (if applicable)

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