Schulich has officially moved all classes online until further notice. This may have left you wondering what is going on with the rest of the University’s services.

For our part, English Language Peer Support is still running – just out of office. Instead of meeting your peer supporters in the International Relations office, you’ll meet them via Zoom. While we are making every effort to maintain some normalcy, there are a few extra steps involved in setting up 1:1 appointments and joining conversation groups.

Preparing For Your Appointment

The process of signing up for an ELPS session has not changed. Simply follow this link to book a time that works best for you. 

Since meetings will be taking place over Zoom, be sure to download the app to your mobile device or laptop. For 1:1 advising sessions, we suggest using your laptop or a desktop computer.

After booking an ELPS appointment online, your peer supporter will reach out with a Zoom meeting invitation. Please follow this link to join the meeting during your allotted time slot. 

It is important that you also prepare so you can make the most of your session and address any technical issues prior to your appointment. If you are planning to work through your writing with a peer supporter, please upload your work to a Google doc. Duplicate this document so you have a copy for your records. 

If you do not have a Google account, please either create one or email your peer supporter prior to your appointment at We will do our best to accommodate you.

What To Expect

Circumstances have changed, and ELPS services may not be exactly what you’re used to. But, just because you will be working with a peer supporter online, doesn’t mean the experience will be any less valuable.

As you work through your Google doc, your peer supporter will discuss any errors and make comments to help you correct them. Feel free to add comments yourself. Unlike traditional ELPS sessions, you won’t be sharing a piece of paper. Take advantage of the extra space and technology to make the most out of this unique learning experience!

Additional Services

If you enjoy practicing your verbal communication skills with ELPS, don’t worry. We are offering 1:1 verbal sessions via Zoom as well. The sign up process is the same, but there is no need to upload any documents to your Google Drive. 

ELPS is also moving its Conversation Groups online! Check your email for updates and join us via Zoom for our English Cyber Chats. 

We are here to support you!

We realise not all of our students have remained in Toronto due to the COVID-19 outbreak. These are difficult times, and the International Relations team and ELPS program are committed to helping Schulich students.

Be sure to take advantage of the resources available and stay positive!