Thank-you for attending Stress-Free Citation: Cite It Right With APA!

A lot of great questions came out of the workshop including:

  • Can I discuss open-book exams on Facebook?
  • What if I view something online that’s a breach of academic honesty and don’t act on it?
  • What can I do if I witness academic dishonesty?

We also learned that even Buzzfeed writers, Toronto Regional District School Board employees and Presidential candidates have been found guilty of plagiarism! Don’t let it happen to you.

Remember that citations strengthen your work by:

  • Demonstrating you’ve done your research
  • Providing your reader with additional books and articles to learn more about your topic
  • Proving that you respect intellectual property, your education, and the severe consequences of breaching academic honesty!

For your reference (and for those who couldn’t make it) examples and resources relating to the workshop are included in the library’s online guide:

Additionally, the slides from the workshop can be accessed here.

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A big thank-you to the Bronfman Business Library and to Olga Carew in Student Services & International Relations for hosting this workshop!