Consider an Entrepreneurial Field Study This Fall!

Experience the opportunities and challenges faced by growing organizations firsthand

ENTR 6400 3.00
Applied Entrepreneurial Field Study:
Competitiveness of Entrepreneurial Firms
Fall 2018

In this exciting field study course, student groups will be paired with an entrepreneurial firm to research a relevant business development opportunity or project. You’ll also participate in a limited number of classes that emphasize consulting, market research and presentation skills.

The course is run in cooperation with 2 organizations that will deliver projects for study:

  1.   The Toronto Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO):EO is a global network of more than 10,000 business owners in 48 countries. The EO Toronto Chapter is comprised of 120 members collectively representing close to $800M in sales and employing over 4,600 people.
  2. Riipen:an organization that connects organizations to top faculty –supervised industry projects completed by university students.

This course is designed to be a mutually beneficial learning opportunity: a chance to give back to the entrepreneurial community while also educating students who are considering an entrepreneurial career path. Its learning outcomes and opportunities will span the areas of marketing, strategy, finance, accounting, organizational behavior, operations, leadership and analysis.

Project Examples:

  • Market analysis for US expansion for 1) B2B cloud software firm, 2) Recruiting firm
  • Marketing plan and pricing model for ad agencies
  • Scaling up the organization and developing new revenue streams for 1) Social enterprise, 2) Training firm
  • Strategic analysis of B2B online ordering process, consumer products firm
  • Sector survey of digital/inbound marketing, ad agency

What Your Term Will Look Like:

Students will have a total of four course meetings throughout the term (two hours in duration each).

Month 1: Students will visit the company’s offices to familiarize themselves with its operations and conduct primary research with key members of the company. You’ll make a preliminary assessment of the company’s bases of competitive advantage and develop a project plan for addressing a specific issue the company faces.

Month 2: Students will conduct primary research with key customers and suppliers or others whose input is essential to addressing the project, and secondary research on selected competitors.

Month 3: Students will write up the results of their study, incorporating all feedback they have received. Where possible, they will make recommendations to address the company’s issue for this project, as well as for any ways of enhancing the company’s competitive advantage and its communication.

How to Apply:

A limited number of spaces are available in this course.  If you are interested in applying for this course, please send the following to Steve Pulver (, the instructor:

  1. A cover letter indicating why you are interested in the course (please include your student number).
    2. A copy of your resume.
    3. A copy of your unofficial grade report to date (Students must have completed the MBA 5100 series to apply).

Space is limited! Apply by June 15, 2018

Students will be notified by e-mail if they’ve been selected for entry into the course.

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