Grow your understanding of strategic analysis and decision-making under conditions of uncertainty.

Consider SGMT 6900: Individual Study with Professor Moshe Farjoun to round out your Winter 2019 schedule!

Study Details:

Objectives: This Individual Study will enable qualified students to explore advanced strategy topics and to maximize their analytic and research skills in a hands-on way. Students will use advanced analytic tools to construct scenarios and address issues of strategy under uncertainty. In previous years, students have had the opportunity to apply what they learn by conducting an independent research project on an agreed upon company and industry.

Who is suited to this course? Students who took this study in recent years were highly accomplished and motivated, willing to take on independent projects, and curious to learn more about strategy (and the completion of the 5000-level foundation courses).

How is the course delivered? The course will consist of three introductory lectures, supplemental readings, supervised research and a final report.

Targeted class size: 8-10 students

I’m Interested! What’s Next?

E-mail Professor Farjoun ( by Friday January 11, 2019 to confirm together if the Individual Study is right for you and obtain materials delivered on the first meeting. Students who wish to proceed with enrolment in the Individual Study and attend the meetings must then submit a completed Individual Study Form provided and signed by Prof. Farjoun to Student & Enrolment Services (W263).