This Halloween, there was an exciting transformation in one of our Schulich classrooms which was turned into the suspenseful world of “Prison Break.” In this unique learning environment, our students donned the roles of detectives, police officers, and daring prison inmates, bringing the theme to life in an extraordinary way. But what set this Halloween experience apart was more than just costumes; it was the creativity, innovation and inspiring approach of Professor Akash Sidhu, and his students!

Professor Sidhu’s innovative teaching methods and commitment to fostering creativity in the classroom have left a lasting impact on our students.  Schulich professors recognize that education goes beyond the confines of traditional coursework. It’s about empowering individuals to think critically, fostering their passions, and, most importantly, building a strong community of learners. Professor Sidhu firmly believes that education is about empowerment. When students are given the opportunity to unleash their passion and creativity within the classroom, amazing things happen.


Creating an Immersive Learning Experience:

What made this Halloween classroom work was the collective effort of the class in creating an immersive environment. Under Professor Sidhu’s guidance, students poured their creativity and dedication into setting up the decor. The results were nothing short of fantastic, it was as if folks had stepped into the world of a suspenseful crime drama.


Fostering a Strong Community:

In Schulich, we take pride in fostering not only academic excellence but also a sense of community. The bond we share within our academic family is extraordinary, and experiences like this have been instrumental in nurturing this camaraderie. Beyond course content, we celebrate the unique talents and creativity that each student brings to our community.


Student Perspective:

“We had Halloween decorations spread across the room, putting the class into the spirit of Halloween. The class felt like Halloween too, because when I was wearing my costume, I physically felt like I was participating in the class activities. I enjoyed being able to come to school in my costume. (P.S. I hope everyone enjoyed my magic trick)”  – Sachin Solanki, 1 Year BBA

“With the changing of the lights during the Drake skit to the surrounding ghostly decor, we had a joyful atmosphere where everyone was delighted.” – Mohammad Alam. 1 Year BBA

“All five senses were applied in this Halloween class and had a very positive impact on the audience (the class). The students were able to engage in the class more than they would in a general day-to-day class.” – Ailiya Manekia, 1 Year BBA

“When we walked into the room it felt like it was Halloween with the decorations, treat bags and candies throughout the room, with the sound of Halloween music, taste and smell of candy and the sound of everyone talking with each other and opening candy wrappers. It was a great class!”  – Kamaljot Sran, 1 Year BBA



As we reflect on this extraordinary Halloween classroom transformation, we are immensely grateful for the innovative teaching methods and inspirational guidance of our faculty members like Professor Sidhu!  Our Schulich community stands as a testament to the power of education, creativity, and the dedication of remarkable educators.


We hope you had a Happy Halloween! 🎃👻📚