head shot of Kevin Loiby Kevin Loi, MMgt candidate, Graduate Ambassador

Since you met them in September, the Master of Management class has quickly been swept up by the program’s fast-paced and challenging curriculum, to the point where many of our faces are still unknown to the vast majority of the student body.

Each student in this program comes from a unique academic program that allows them to approach business studies from a novel perspective.  In celebration of that, this is a great opportunity to get better acquainted with Schulich’s 2016/2017 MMgt class. I’d like to introduce you to three of my colleagues!


Meet Ravish, Abby and Amirhossein: 

photo of Ravish Malhotra Abby ChuaAmir

Above: From left, Ravish Malhotra, Ryezel (Abby) Chua and Amirhossein (Amir) Nematbakhsh
MMgt candidates, 2017

1. Where are you originally from?

Ravish: I’m from New Delhi, India.
Abby: I’m from the tropical country of the Philippines!
Amir: I was born in Iran, but lived in both the United States and Canada growing up.

2. What’s your academic background?

Ravish: I completed my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science in India. After graduation I worked for two years as an IT Infrastructure Analyst with Standard Chartered Bank.
Abby: I did my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at York and Organizational Communication at the University of the Philippines-Manila. I then earned a Certificate in Human Resource Management at the University of Toronto.
Amir: I have an undergraduate degree in Economics from York University.

3. What has been the most rewarding thing about the MMgt program?

Ravish: The most rewarding thing about the MMgt program is the practical curriculum and the opportunity to build a strong network for myself.
Abby: For me, it’s learning all about business through courses such as economics, accounting and (my favourite) business sustainability. As well, having awesome people as my classmates!
Amir: I really enjoy how the profs structure their classes. To me, it doesn’t feel like a lecture. They include tons of examples relevant to different industries today, and they create exciting group activities to help us understand the concepts.

4. What’s one experience typical of any week in the MMgt program?

Abby: Struggling to squeeze time in for networking – such as coffee chats with alumni. Also, spending time drilling how monetary policy shifts the AD curve into my brain!
Amir: The classroom feels very alive each week. Everyone from our class has the exact same courses and schedule; the result is that people feel very comfortable, so authentic friendships and conversations form.

5. What are you hoping to achieve after you complete the program?

Ravish: I’m sure I will graduate with a fresh perspective and great problem-solving capabilities, which are valuable for taking charge and inspiring great leadership.
Abby: I’m looking forward to graduating with gains in business knowledge that will give me an advantage in the labour market.
Amir: I’m hoping to find the industry that I’m interested in so that I can use the knowledge I’ve obtained to find a position that’s a great fit.

Best of luck Ravish, Abby and Amir!

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