In honour of Valentine’s Day, our Graduate Ambassadors are sharing the love!

We polled our student ambassadors and asked them what brings them fun, inspiration and joy in the Schulich community.

Here’s what they’re loving lately:

One thing that I LOVE about Schulich: Celebrating birthdays with one of your favourite professors!”

Pictured: Tom Medcof. There are many reasons why we all love him. For me, the fact that he can make organizational behaviour come alive…. That’s what makes him stand apart.

-Gourismita Acharya, MBA candidate



One thing that I LOVE about Schulich: Diversity”

I love meeting new people from near and far, from different backgrounds and programs. Diversity is not only represented in the student body but also through the different student clubs and specializations. I think Schulich epitomizes what diversity should be.

-Kelly Ng-Lun, MBA Candidate


One thing that I LOVE about Schulich: Professor Garber”

…The one prof who can keep you engaged throughout the entire lecture of the most dreaded accounting subject…TAX!”

-Frederick Burton, MAcc Candidate


photo of Fareeha Baig, Master of Accounting CandidateOne thing that I LOVE about Schulich: the faculty is amazingly awesome!”

I LOVE the fact that the courses I never thought I’d do well in (hint: Tax) are slowly becoming my favourite subjects!

-Fareeha Baig, MAcc Candidate (pictured)


Stars in a Jar Initiative via Noah Severino

One thing I LOVE about Schulich: That I am surrounded by so many ambitious students who are committed to making a meaningful difference in our world.

Noah, for example, is the Co-Founder and COO of Stars in a Jar, an organization that supports childhood cancer patients by delivering jars filled with 90 messages of hope, inspiration, and tips for getting through treatment. Every message is written by a childhood cancer survivor, demonstrating to young cancer warriors currently undergoing treatment that a life after cancer exists.

Photo of Noah Severino, Master of Management Candidate

As a thankful 14-year cancer survivor, Noah’s goal is to provide patients and their families the support that they deserve while they face their medical battles.  All of us in the Master of Management program are so proud of Noah (our class’s very own shining star), and feel privileged to learn from his leadership!

Way to go, Noah!  -Jordyn Posluns, MMgt Candidate

Pictured: Noah Severino, MMgt Candidate, Co-Founder, Stars in a Jar