Noam crop2by Noam Hamovitch, MBA candidate

As a part-time student working downtown, the option to take classes just a short walk from my office was a no-brainer.

The Nadal (downtown) Campus is an amazing option for full-time or part-time students who live downtown.

Below, I share what it’s been like working and taking classes at Nadal.

The Downtown Experience

The Nadal campus is located right next to King Station, making the commute extremely easy. As someone who works downtown, my commute to class is a 5 minute walk as opposed to a 75 minute drive. While Keele Campus is home to the entire York University school, the Nadal downtown campus provides a more intimate setting. In addition to the two 40-person classrooms, there are multiple study rooms, lounge areas, and a kitchen area serving complimentary coffee, tea, and snacks where many students congregate before or after classes.


Because the downtown campus is only two classrooms and is used by a much smaller student population, you tend to see the same faces often and everyone gets to know each other quite well. As a part-time student at Nadal, I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know many other downtown working professionals, which is an amazing networking opportunity and a great way to learn about other industries. I personally love that my classes are small; with fewer students, you get to know each of them at a deeper level and you have more opportunity to participate and get involved.

Considering the Downtown MBA

For those considering the downtown option for their MBA, I think there are several things to keep in mind. I would say the biggest difference is that Keele is more of a ‘campus’ and Nadal is more of a ‘professional setting’. To expand on that, Keele campus houses the York undergraduate and graduate student body, along with many Schulich extra-curricular activities and clubs, while Nadal occupies a floor of the Ernst & Young tower downtown and is used by MBA students only. Schulich offers the opportunity to check out both the Keele and Nadal campus, so I’d highly suggest seeing both to help guide your decision.

I personally love that my classes are small; with fewer students, you get to know each of them at a deeper level and you have more opportunity to participate and get involved. 

During Launch Week for the MBA, we were given great advice about how to best cope with the demanding Schulich program. As someone who works full-time and is doing the MBA part-time, I took the advice to heart and it has been incredibly helpful. The most important pieces of advice I got were:

  1. Make sure you leave time for yourself to maintain a work-life balance. Leave time to exercise, hang out with your friends and family, and relax a little.
  2. Have a plan and stick to it. To help you do this, I’d suggest connecting with others in the program. There are classmates who’ve had my back when I needed to travel for work and vice-versa. I’ve found that there’s a mutual understanding that sometimes work can get in the way of school.

Exploring the Neighbourhood

young people photographed through a window, sitting in a cafe with coffee cups and laptopsFor those new to Toronto, the Nadal campus is the perfect opportunity to see a ton of what the city has to offer! A few quick tips:

  • For any sports fan, just a few blocks away is the Air Canada Centre, where the Maple Leafs and Raptors play.
  • The Nadal Campus is attached to an enormous underground mall known as ‘The Path’, which has all your coffee shops, drug stores, restaurants and services. You can even get to the Eaton Centre without stepping outside!
  • Directly underneath the Nadal campus in the Path is a Print House if you ever need to print papers or notes, as well as the Duke of Devon if you ever need a drink.
  • The Nadal Campus is located in the Ernst & Younge tower, which offers parking day and night – but be warned, it’s not cheap.
  • If you walk a few blocks north to Queen Street, there a ton of amazing restaurants. It’s definitely worth checking out Nathan Phillips Square, where you can often find outdoor concerts, art displays, farmers’ markets, and in the winter an ice rink for skating.

Happy Exploring – See you downtown!