by Satyameet Ahuja Satyameet Ahuja, Associate Director, Student Services and International Relations at Schulich School of Business

Nestled within the aero campus, only a kilometre separates us from the countless Boeings and Airbuses.

Yet, noise free, with abundant sunlight and breezes, we watch planes land and take off, waiting for September, when some of these planes will bring our incoming class to the City of Pearls, City of Eateries, and probably the last of “old India romancing new India” – Hyderabad.

Brimming with excitement and confidence to provide world-class education, the Schulich team is leaving no stones unturned to make our students feel welcomed as they undertake what we understand to be a once in a lifetime journey.

This journey will kick-start with the launch week.

It is a 3-4 day orientation event planned to meet multiple goals:

  • Reintegrate students into academic life with a clear understanding of expectations and responsibilities
  • Introduce students to the multitude of student services available at Schulich
  •  Provide training on Academic Honesty
  • Orient the incoming class on the various career resources at the school

And most importantly:

  • Encourage you to get to know your peer group!(And even more importantly… a few surprises. We’ll leave it at that.)

I still remember my orientation week and how welcomed Professor Alexandra Campbell, Professor Ashwin Joshi and the student services team made me feel. The format has not changed much and I hope it will leave you feeling what I and my classmates felt – right at home at Canada’s Global Business School.