The MBA in India cohort is a close-knit group. Whether they’re debating in the classroom, participating in case competitions, or sharing some laughs in an impromptu photo shoot with their profs, our SBI students have a ton of team spirit.

Case in point: earlier this year the group rallied together to participate in a Futsal tournament with their colleagues. “Futsal is soccer played in an enclosed arena… usually as 5 vs 5 or 6 vs 6,” explains Executive Council Sports Representative Ajinkya Joshi.

The tournament was a fun way for students to unwind – with some beautiful photos captured by fellow SBI MBA candidates, Srikiran and Anway.

“The pictures came out well – mainly because of the energy on the ground,” says Srikiran. “We had fun!”

In addition to the beautiful day and positive vibes in the actual tournament, the group also enjoyed a friendly pick-up game with Professor Atipol Supapol.

Ajinkya dubs the game a lesson in “Footonomics with Professor Atipol … where aggregate demand for Enjoyment met aggregate supply of Enthusiasm!”

On behalf of our Toronto MBAs, thanks for the dose of sunshine SBI – and a peek at student life on your side of the pond!

For our MBAs in India: Your Sports Rep believes it’s important to find time to work up a sweat – and not just from challenging macroeconomic theory!

Ajinkya promises that more team activities are on the horizon to get our MBAs away from their laptops once in awhile. “We’re planning our next big collaborative event,” he says. Stay tuned for details!


A special thank-you to Ajinkya Joshi, Anway Kamat and Srikiran Ravishankar for sharing these photos!