head shot of Aqib, IMBA candidateIMBA candidate Aqib Majeed has already taken his degree across borders; first to a work term in Kiev, Ukraine, and now on exchange in Milan.

At tech startup Preply, Aqib brought his background in information technology, marketing and sales to his role as Country Manager for Canada. His objective was results-driven business development initiatives for the company’s market share expansion in North America.

Watching his ideas in execution was one of the most rewarding components of Aqib’s work term, and an exciting part of working with a smaller, younger business. “It was a highlight seeing the successful implementation of my proposed structure of the product, and the company’s website for the Canadian market,” he says.

The connections he formed were also a meaningful take-away from the experience. “A personal highlight is the bond that I created with my team,” says Aqib, “and seeing how much we came to value each other in such a short span of time.”

Building a tightknit network was one of the draws of the IMBA program for Aqib. “I chose the IMBA because it offered the chance to connect with different individuals from all over the world- and the fact that I’d be forced to work abroad.”

While finding the right opportunity is a challenge – especially on a global scale – Aqib maintains “in the end, it’s all worth it, and makes for the best part of the IMBA.”

Another perk of an international work term is undoubtedly the chance to explore a new country! Pictured below, Aqib enjoys the view perched in the Carpathian Mountains.

male climber sitting atop the Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

As a seasoned climber, Aqib was a leader and motivator for his team along the way up. “The challenge was getting 18 people to keep a similar pace and supporting those that fell behind, or weren’t as comfortable navigating rocky wooden logs!” he recalls.

“It was team-building at its finest – and that was, after all, the goal of this trip.”