York University is a place of teaching, research, and learning where people value civility, diversity, equity, honesty and respect in their direct and indirect interactions with one another.

The Schulich School of Business strongly supports and adheres to the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities. As a student, you have rights and responsibilities as outlined in this document and are expected to uphold the identified values for the benefit of the entire community. It’s a great idea to take a close look as you begin your program:


Violations of community standards are taken seriously and investigated by the Office of Student Community Relations and other appropriate parties. 

For details on how to handle a breach of community standards, visit the Office of Student Community Relations website at: https://oscr.students.yorku.ca/student-conduct.

Every student agrees by the act of registration and enrolment to be bound by the regulations and policies of York University and of the Schulich School of Business.

Thank-you for helping to maintain the integrity, civility and strength of our learning community!

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