In many ways, Indu Khatri is a “textbook” Business Analytics student.

She has a Bachelor in Computing, and is fluent in programming, web design and information systems. She has worked as a Software Engineer and Business Analyst for Accenture in India, and has spent significant time combing insight dashboards for various IT projects.

Indu KhatriBut there’s more. Indu has a trademark warmth that she applies to an impressive list of complementary pursuits. Over the years, these have spanned volunteer work in disaster and humanitarian relief, coaching yoga, participating in the Graduate Ambassador Program, and being a proud member of Schulich’s Women in Leadership community.

“Schulich’s professional development team helped me to build my network, develop interview etiquette and overcome challenges.”

Indu believes that there is always room to grow. In spite of her experience in multiple industries (from telecommunications to healthcare), a year ago Indu felt she was only beginning her career in the emerging field of analytics.

“I wanted to expand my knowledge of predictive analytics, learn SAS Programming and other exciting data visualization tools,” she recalls. “I wanted to improve my command of Analytics to bring better business decisions to my work.”

Two terms into the MBAN program, Indu has made strides toward her goal, landing herself an internship at P&G this summer. Working for the consumer goods giant is new – and welcome- territory.

“I’ll be working as Assistant Manager, collaborating with category or retailer teams,” says Indu. “I’ll get to analyze critical business questions, bring actionable insights and present recommendations on key decisions owned by P&G’s commercial partners.”

It’s a job that will serve all sides of Indu’s professional personality: the shrewd analyst, the data visualization expert, and the friendly, communicative team leader.

“I’m excited for the opportunity to apply my data analytics skills and target recommendations that can have a direct impact on P&G’s business,” she says. “At the same time, I’m thrilled for the chance to work with like-minded people, and to grow to know the community of P&G.”

The Path to Success

Indu expresses gratitude for Schulich’s community of support for helping her secure the role.

“Schulich’s professional development team helped me to build my network, develop interview etiquette and overcome challenges to feel good about the interview process.”

Another contributor to Indu’s achievement is her understanding of a simple truth about her field: It takes a mixed skillset and lifelong learning to fully realize success.

For her, that means embracing a love of data and numbers, while also exercising her communication and leadership skills.

“One of my favourite Schulich memories is mentoring undergrad women,” she says. “Cherish the opportunity to guide others. At the same time, be prepared for the challenging months of this program – and learn as much as you possibly can. Mastery over diverse subject matter is the most important differentiator in this job market.”