46 Bright Minds, 31 Hours: SBI Orientation Part I

By Satyameet Ahuja All of us have heard of a big fat Indian wedding. This is a brief overview on a Big Fat Indian orientation. The orientation was suitably fat as 46 of the brightest minds in India came together under one roof, to pursue their lifetime aspiration of doing a MBA from a world-class business [...]

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The GBC Stays Connected to SBI

You've met your new Graduate Business Council President. You've familiarized yourself with the GBC's events and services. But as a student at SBI, you might be wondering: How can I stay involved and be represented by the GBC when its members are so far away? Catherine Farrell wants Schulich students in India to know that you're [...]

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601: Fall Reminders & Kick-off

Reminder: Tomorrow is the 601 group formation deadline! All 601 groups must include at least one, and up to two members from the India cohort. All students must be in an approved 601 group to begin case study prep by August 28. You'll also attend the mandatory Fall 2015 601 Kick-Off with your group on Saturday [...]

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Launch Week in Hyderabad, India

by Satyameet Ahuja Nestled within the aero campus, only a kilometre separates us from the countless Boeings and Airbuses. Yet, noise free, with abundant sunlight and breezes, we watch planes land and take off, waiting for September, when some of these planes will bring our incoming class to the City of Pearls, City of Eateries, and [...]

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