How Embracing Fear Led to a Landmark Year

Grishma Saheba is a recent IMBA graduate who has taken the Schulich experience by storm. During her short time here, she was a valued leader on the GBC Executive, a member of the York Consulting Group and was one of Schulich’s external case team members. The team saw a landmark case competition hot streak, winning at least five renowned case competitions in the 2017-2018 year!

It’s perhaps no surprise that Grishma transitioned immediately from the program into an exciting new role as a Senior Consultant at EY, where she is exercising her many talents in People Advisory Services.

“What I love about this role is the steep learning curve and the fast paced environment,” says Grishma. “I look forward to continuing both my professional and personal growth with EY.”

First Steps

But to take it a step back, Grishma recalls how her IMBA and career journey began, as a young professional looking for a business graduate program with a unique curriculum and a global orientation. “My first impression of Schulich was that the school was a diverse and inclusive place with a plethora of courses in a variety of specializations,” remembers Grishma. “My experience as a student reaffirmed that.”

And experience it all, she did! As such an active member of the community, Grishma benefited from a rich student experience. One of the highlights for her was the motivation she took from getting to know her colleagues. “If I were to describe my classmates in one word, it would have to be inspirational,” says Grishma. “I’ve learned a lot from these individuals with different experiences, backgrounds and goals, and I continue to do so from the life-long relationships I’ve been able to cultivate during my time at Schulich.”

Extra-curricular involvement was another source of growth and inspiration for Grishma, who made time for clubs, student government and case competitions in between her work term and extremely rigorous IMBA schedule. “I believe co-curriculars are an integral part of the journey for each student at Schulich.”

Trying out for the external case team was an exciting (albeit nerve-wracking) opportunity that captured Grishma’s attention. “When I first heard about the case team from the coach, Joe Fayt, it excited me and terrified me at the same time,” she recalls. “I knew then that I had to pursue it!”

“I am not the same person who walked through the doors of Schulich as a new student.”


It turned out to be the right choice. Grishma earned a coveted spot on Schulich’s 2017-2018 case team, a group that went on to see an outstanding year, winning five different case competitions.

“I think each case competition taught me something valuable,” says Grishma. “However, the MBA Games will forever have a special place in my heart. It still amazes me how a team of 40 students came together under the leadership of Catherine Sim to bring the Queens Cup home!”

Additional case highlights included the Corporate Social Responsibility competition held at HEC in Montreal, and the Harvard Business School International Case Competition.

“The CSR competition is by far one of the most intense competitions I’ve partaken in, with three case presentations within two days. It was madness!” recalls Grishma. “In fact, the Harvard case prep was undertaken simultaneously. Competing at an international level, representing Schulich as the only Canadian finalist was quite the experience!”

Inspiring a Community

Her passion for case competitions inspired Grishma to run for the Director of Case Competitions position with the Graduate Business Council. “My attempt was to expose as many students as possible to Case Competitions and the benefits that come with it.” This role allowed Grishma to share her own mindset with other students: “I believe that chasing that one thing that excites you and terrifies you at the same time is bound to lead you to rewarding experiences.”

Standing on the other side of her IMBA, Grishma is continuing to push herself, and can attest to how much the risks she took during her time at Schulich have paid off. In fact, she describes her experience as “transformational.”

“I am not the same person walking out as a graduate as the person who walked through the doors of Schulich as a new student,” says Grishma. “Schulich has helped me with both personal and professional growth in ways I didn’t know were possible.”

As the same confident, articulate and insightful leader that participated on Team Schulich, Grishma is well equipped for the exciting challenges ahead in her career. We wish her all the best as her journey continues!