In January of 2015, Senate approved the implementation of “convocation in absentia” to allow students who have completed their degree requirements by the end of the fall term to receive a degree conferral in the winter rather than waiting until June.

This will allow:

  1. The graduating decision to be reflected on the student’s record and transcript
  2. The student’s program to be closed as “completed”
  3. The student may pick up a diploma or have it delivered by filling out a Diploma Mailing Form (available on the website:
  4. Their names will appear on YuVerify for degree verification as having convocated in February

There is no February ceremony but students who choose this option will be included in all ceremonial aspects of the following June convocation. They will be included in invitations, their names will appear in the June convocation program booklet and they will be considered for awards along with the June cohort.

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