The Customer Experience Design Class of 2016 has just published its video showcase!

Customer Experience Design (CED) was an exciting elective opportunity offered this term, in which students learned how to use data and innovative marketing concepts to architect and analyze consumer experiences. Last year’s  students were profiled by Marketing Magazine’s MBA Lab and had overwhelmingly positive responses to the curriculum and learning outcomes. Schulich CED student research is regularly featured by the American Marketing Association in a weekly MBA student column on its website, accessed by global thought leaders in marketing.

In their most recent and exciting showcase, the 2016 CED students have produced a gallery of group projects that explore the changing face of consumer experiences. The 18 90-second videos are produced by Schulich students using a combination of smartphone and stock footage, and examine topics ranging from wearable tech to sensory and emotional branding.

brainstormMBA students Akash Agrawal, Pranvit Nibber, Anuj Kapur and James Yun were inspired to create their video after learning about the concept of Obligatory Passage Point by Professors Markus Giesler and Ela Veresiu.

“It’s this idea that a brand, product, person or thing could act as the solution to a network’s problem,” says Pranvit. For students, learning the theory provided an interesting lens through which to view current events in the marketing and tech industries.

“Right at the time Google launched its Pixel phone, the CEO, Sundar Pichai announced ‘We will move from an mobile first to an AI first world,‘” Akash recalls on behalf of his group. “We wondered, with our smartphones already acting as an OPP, what would the future look like as we become even more ‘cognitized’?”

It was a thought worth pursuing.

“So we created a video that explores how A.I advancement will completely revolutionize customers’ relationships and experiences with brands,” says Akash.

View his team’s video here. 

Congratulations to the entire CED class for their efforts and insights!