by Ariel Benibgui
Part-Time MBA
Went on exchange to IAE, Buenos Aires, Argentina

I started my MBA as a part-time student. I took basically all of my core courses at the downtown Nadal campus as it was close to home. The Nadal students are a pretty close group; there aren’t many different times offered for the core courses at Nadal, so you end up taking all of those courses with most of the same group you started with.

The part-time life can seem daunting. Over three years’ time is required to complete the program while working full-time. There was definitely an adjustment period during the first term, but overall I feel the workload was manageable. There were about 2 weeks every term that were hectic (midterms, finals, group work due, etc…) but looking back it wasn’t too stressful.

In my 6th term, I decided I wanted to go on exchange. A full-time term on exchange would significantly decrease the time (or at least the number of credits required) to graduate, and the opportunity to live in another country was too good to pass up. I picked Buenos Aires, Argentina as my destination and was thrilled to have been accepted. I was fortunate enough to get a leave of absence from my job, but I was fully prepared to quit altogether.

The experience was absolutely fantastic and truly life-changing.

Immersing myself in another culture and being able to travel around Argentina and South America is something I will never forget. Not to mention that when I got back I only had one more course to take, as well as the 601.

It was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I highly recommend the exchange program to any student. I think it’s even more worthwhile for part-time students, since it is challenging to stay motivated for the entire 3+ years of the program. The exchange term is a perfect way to accelerate your progress and recharge your batteries.

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