Hey Schulich India!

It’s crunch time! Do you need some additional support proofreading your papers in the busiest time of the semester?

With only a few weeks left in the term, assignments, papers and group projects are all piling up. If you feel a little anxious about your writing skills (e.g. grammar sentence structure, etc.) why not have an Academic Peer Supporter help you polish your papers.

My name is Kareem, and I’m a second year MBA student here at Schulich. I also work with the International Relations Office as an Academic Peer Supporter. My job? To help students refine their papers and assignments and tidy up basic writing mistakes. Just book a 45-minute block with myself or one of the other Academic Peer Supporters online. We’ll gladly work with you online and work with you to improve your submissions. Plus, all of our services are FREE!

We also offer help in public speaking and presentation practice to make sure when you hit the stage, your presentation is as refined as can be.

Use the “Academic Peer Support Appointment” link under the “Useful Links” section of your student portal to book your appointment. If you have any questions about the program, please contact Lan Yu at lyu@schulich.yorku.ca.