As research and assignment deadlines approach, we wanted to remind you of a great online learning tool to streamline your business research.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time you checked out BRYT: Business Research At York Toolkit

Developed by the Bronfman Business Library, BRYT is a robust tool to learn how to use library resources to access quality, authoritative sources for your business research assignments.

The Company Research module is now available and covers topics like business strategy, products and services, how privately-traded and publicly-held companies are different, SWOT analyses and more.

BRYT is still growing to eventually include modules on marketing, finance, and accounting/taxation research.

In the meantime, here are some of our favourite features:

  • Guide On The Side will show you how to begin a company list to choose the right one for your assignment. Find helpful videos, PDFs, and database walk-throughs.
  • Live Chat: Use the chat feature on the right hand side to ask questions to a business librarian in real time
  • How to Search Trade & Business Articles, including some databases to begin your query